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Ltton surface mix burners are available in Standard, Swivel, and Ring configurations. A burner tip refers to a single burner head. The number of fires on a burner relates to the number of burner tips present. Jet describes the hole or holes in the top of the tip, through which the gas is released. A single jet tip has one flame hole, a 6/7N has 13, the 7-jet has 7, the 10/11N has 21 and the Q5 has 55.??All burners feature movable joints where tips are connected to sidearms and where sidearms are connected to the bed block. This feature allows for varied heat zone width.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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Tips Sold Separately
The most flexible torch in the industry just got better. Now you can add premix capability to the top of your 8M Combo surface mix torch with the 8R Rider torch attachment.
The 8R uses most of the tips available for the National 3A-B hand torch.
The CTM-ABB hose manifold is available to simplify connections to the 8M/8R torch package
Performance, price, and flexibility; you get it all from National Torch by Premier Industries.
Part No: A10055-30

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