Yellow 09

Yellow 09 (C3-09)
7mm - 18" - 20" Approx. Length Yellow is an eye catching striking transparent yellow. It can be struck in a kiln or in the flame. This is another good forgiving striking color for those starting out. If it is worked in an oxidizing environment, C3-09 Yellow will yield a transparent golden yellow. If worked in a neutral to slightly reducing flame NS-09 Yellow will start to darken and turn a semi opaque amber color. Because the strike can be easily controlled, C3-09 Yellow can be used for sculpture, beads, and blown work without washing out or overpowering the work. Try layering C3-09 Yellow over C3-07 Ruby for a vibrant fuchsia color (as demonstrated in Northstar Newsletter issue 8), and be sure to try it over C3-28 Blue Exotic.
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