Unobtainium 104

Unobtainium 104 (C3-104)
7mm - 18" - 20" Approx. Length Unobtainium is a very dense gun metal blue with lots of sparkle. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. It is easily worked and can take a lot of heat. To keep the color most vibrant, work in a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Try to avoid deep encasement, it may cause cracking. Please use C3-104 Unobtainium with care and test your application before making expensive pieces. Outside work seems to work just great with no problems. Try coating C3-104 Unobtainium with C3-86 Garnet or C3-88 Pomegranate to achieve a brilliant ruby sparkle. Any transparent color coated over C3-104 Unobtainium looks great.
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